20 September 2019

Brexit in 60 seconds: what it means and how to talk to your employees about it

Brexit means... what exactly?! It's a topic none of us can ignore so we've rounded up some top tips on how to talk about it.

With things surrounding Brexit so uncertain, it’s a tricky subject and no matter which way you voted back in 2016, it’s something we’re all facing. 

Internal comms teams may need to broach the topic of Brexit with employees at some point in the near future, so to make things a little easier and hopefully less scary (from a comms perspective at least!), our Strategist Jodi has created this quick video, with an outline of what we can do to support you through Brexit, no matter what does – or doesn’t – happen.

Looking for some help with your Brexit comms planning? Get in touch, we’d love to help. 

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