18 April 2019

Hoppy Easter from Synergy!

Easter has landed! The weather’s getting better, chocolate’s back in fashion, and every week for the foreseeable future ends with a bank holiday.

But Easter doesn’t have to be limited to just one weekend a year. And if you look hard enough, you’ll find Easter eggs tucked away all year round. These eggs might not be the chocolate variety, but there’s still plenty of surprise and delight to be had. 

By adding these small (and mostly unexpected) moments of surprise, it’s a fun way to delight audiences with real, human touches. Need a boost on traffic to your site? Hide an Easter egg somewhere, it’ll probably take a while before anyone finds it, but once they do, you’re bound to see an increase in visitors.

So how good are you at spotting our Easter eggs? Take our test and find out…*

Synergy big super duper Easter Egg Hunt

*Download the PDF for optimum viewing by clicking the arrow icon in your browser toolbar

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