29 September 2018

Leavin’ on a jet plane


Synergy hits Mallorca for a well-earned weekend break.

The summer, oh we do miss it. So much in fact that we thought we’d try and make it last just a little longer.

In a bid to stave off autumn, a few weeks back we caught a flight to Palma, Mallorca for the weekend, to say a big thank you to the team.

After copious amounts of swimming, tapas, sangria (and the odd bit of golf for some), we all left The Balearics with smiles on our faces, a bit of colour in our cheeks and probably a few pounds heavier.

Want to see what else we got up to? Check out some of the pics on our Facebook page.

Wish you were here? Well you can be! We’ve got lots of roles up for grabs, check ’em out here. Good luck.

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