8 May 2018

Synergy takes the stage at World Employer Branding Day

We hit the Czech capital to share Arval’s ‘The Journey Makers’ with the world.

Prague, the capital city of the #1 beer drinking country in the world. More importantly though, Prague was also home to this year’s World Employer Branding Day, the world’s largest gathering of over 450 leaders in employer branding, with a vision to advance employer brand excellence, sharing and discussing global employer brand best practice.

And we were chuffed to be invited to share the story of how we’ve helped Arval UK inform and create their beautiful new employer brand, The Journey Makers.

During a day of knowledge sharing and learning from the likes of SAP, AXA, Accenture and LinkedIn, our Nicky and Chris took centre stage to present The Journey Makers in all its glory – showing the process of how we helped Arval turn insight into action, determined what makes Arval special, and how we created an epic employer brand to reflect it.

The culmination of all this has meant Arval has seen an increase in employee satisfaction score across all 20 categories, and it’s delivered a reduction in recruitment spend by over £650,000!

The session was so well received, the Staffing Business Partner at Google told delegates that he’d love to work at Arval! Praise indeed, and we’d certainly earned our Trdelniks on the way home.

If you’d like to know more about The Journey Makers, check out the brand video we produced below, and if you’d like some help with your employer brand, get in touch: hello@synergycreative.co.uk.uk, we’re pretty good at this stuff.

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