Not Just Another Campaign for Camelot

There’s no escape from GDPR for Camelot’s employees

There was no hiding from it, GDPR was coming. We used our GDPR expertise to work with the internal communications team at Camelot, the operator of The National Lottery, to uncover what GDPR meant to their colleagues and how they’d like to be communicated to about it in the run up to the 25th May last year.

Cutting through the noise

As the operator for The National Lottery, Camelot colleagues were already well versed with regulatory information. The challenge was to cut through the noise to ensure everyone knew about and understood the new regulations, and the part they play in keeping data safe.

Not another campaign

A high frequency of internal communications meant that this campaign needed to work hard to stand out from the others so that messages would resonate with Camelot’s 850-strong team.


Being a regulated business, there was already a culture of being highly sensitive in handling data, but with lots of change going on internally, this had to feel like a long-term initiative. It needed colleagues to:


  • Appreciate the importance of the regulations in their roles
  • Understand the part they can play and how they handle data effectively


To achieve these goals it couldn’t be seen as ‘just another campaign’.

Guiding managers

To ensure messages landed effectively, we created a suite of tools to support line managers, with a guide debunking 'data myths', outlining what is classed as personal information, tips to keep the GDPR conversation going for launch and beyond as well as 'five steps to get your team ready'.

Signposting comms

We also created a set of icons, linked to each of the five pillars of data use, to be used throughout comms. These helped colleagues to make a connection between data security and its importance in their roles.

The result?

A compelling and creative campaign with real cut-through. Already well versed with regulatory information and change comms, the campaign achieved its goal of cutting through the noise and increasing colleague understanding of maintaining compliance with GDPR. 



were aware of GDPR


Agreed that GDPR was important in their role

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