Taking ODEON on a Euromisson

ODEON Cinemas Group is now the biggest cinema operator in Europe with over 11,500 colleagues across 14 countries and 360 cinemas. They wanted to refresh and reinforce their mission, vision and values as well as helping their people feel part of one big team and work more closely together.

Insight first

Now an annual campaign in its fourth year, we knew employees would respond best to a fun, high-energy, high-impact campaign. Feedback told us they loved getting creative and sharing their ideas with other teams across the business – any successful campaign would need to focus on ‘doing’, and having lots of fun along the way!

An all-action campaign

Crucially, we needed to embed ODEON’s ‘Big Plan’ strategy, encouraging colleagues to really think about what it meant to them and the part they play in achieving it. The big idea was to create a programme of activity that would make employees feel reinvigorated, excited and focused on the ‘Big Plan’. We devised ‘We’re on a Euromission’: a three-week extravaganza that set teams various missions (should they choose to accept them!), which aligned to ODEON’s values, and created a real buzz.

All aboard 'The Mission Mobile'

Knowing creativity was key, we included a fun activity for every day, revealed through giant ‘mission mobiles’ that each team could decorate and customise.

Mission complete?

The activities were supported by a whole toolkit including manager packs, pledge cards and even sweets. We rolled out the campaign to all 14 countries at the same time – no mean feat! – as teams from across Europe shared selfies, made videos and discussed what the ‘Big Plan’ meant to them

A quick overview

  • Developed the creative concept and all campaign materials
  • Fun team activities (mini-missions) for every single day
  • Design and build of giant ‘mission mobiles’ for each team to decorate and customise
  • A whole kit of mission-themed manager packs, posters, interactive pledge cards, badges, pens etc
  • Sweets and treats to keep up the energy and momentum
  • Supporting logistics – getting the materials to cinemas across Europe
  • A focus on getting social, including colleague-made videos and selfie competitions.



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Big Plan delivered

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